Track sculpture of one of the world's most amazing race tracks: the Nurburgring

Track sculpture of one of the world's most amazing race tracks: the Nurburgring

Racing Art Designs has over 700 international race track sculptures made from stainless steel. With models representing tracks from all continents, one can easily find the world’s most famous and legendary race tracks. Find out more about one of our must-see products !

Stainless steel sculpture of the Nurburgring track in Germany

The Nurburgring is undoubtebly one of the world’s most legendary race tracks. Located in Germany, it dates from 1925, year in which the track was inaugurated. At the time, the Nordschleife (north ring) already existed.

Currently, the 20km track is open to the public, for a small fee of around 20 pounds per lap. All types of vehicules can use the circuit, including campavans or small trucks and vans! Every year, thousands of car enthusiasts test their driving skills on this long winding road of central Germany.

On Racing Art Designs, 3 stainless steel versions of the Nurburgring track are available: the classic Nordschleife, the Nordschleife GP and the smaller Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit.

How are the stainless steel sculptures of the Nurburgring made?

The first step to create a race track sculpture like the ones on Racing Art Designs is to convert the actual circuit into a format that can be read by the CNC laser cutting machine. Therefore, a « CAD » type software is needed to start the process.

Next step is to send the drawings to the CNC laser machine. This type of machine cuts the race track from a sheet of stainless steel. The precision is extremely impressive.

The last step is the manual polishing of the sculpture, which gices it the brushed effect.

Order your Nurburgring track sculpture

Want to see the Nurburgring on your wall? It's very easy! You can order it from Racing Art Designs in two different sizes: small (40cm approximately) and large (90cm).

It’s the ideal gift for fans of car racing, especially those who are lucky enough to have driven on the legendary Nurburgring race track.

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