Imagine your very own stainless steel track sculptures...

Imagine your very own stainless steel track sculptures...

Racing Art Designs is able to manufacture race track sculptures from around the globe, but it can do even more than that! If you feel like designing your very own race tracks, R.A.D. can make stainless steel sculptures out of them to decorate your home.

For example, the models in the picture come straight from our designer's imagination. If you don't have the software to provide us with a proper drawing of your design, don't worry. You can send us a hand drawn sketch of your race track. Our designers can convert it into a usable vector model for ou machines, and they can even show you what it will look like in situ beforehand.

Although there are thousands of race tracks in the world, perhaps you'd like a sculpture which is 100% unique, that only tou will ever own. If that is the case, unleash your imagination. Racing Art Designs will do the rest!

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